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Client Engagement Portal

Engage with your clients, leads, and partners through a custom dashboard to track dispute progress, view credit scores, see notes, manage billing, and more.

Service Summary

Create a record for your clients outlining your services, pricing, and every trade line imported into the system.

Client Direct Messaging

Make yourself accessible to your clients with a direct messaging platform that allows you to leave notes and answer quick questions in real time.

Dispute Reviews

After each credit dispute round, a review is created to compare with past credit reports and track progress.


Client Engagement Portal

Each business has a unique way of operating. This is why Disco provides a fully customizable portal for you to offer to your clients, leads, and partners. Give your contacts access to notes, audits, dispute letters, billing, training, messages, and documents in a personalized platform. Manage your contacts’ permissions and roles and customize how your clients, leads, and referral partners see your portals.

Service Summary and Agreement Management

Generate documents that list the services you provide to your clients, pricing, and every trade line imported into the system. Manage and send agreement contracts through Disco for your clients to e-sign, eliminating the need for third-party software.

Direct and Group Messaging

Keep your customers up to date with the latest information from your business. Leave notes and answer questions in real time over messages and emails. You can directly contact your clients or schedule mass messages and emails to send to large groups.

Track Customer Progress

You can autogenerate client progress reports after each round of disputes to compare with past credit reports and track progress. These reports feature deletions, items that haven’t changed, new items added manually, and previously skipped items. Clients receive these reports via email and can access them in the client portal.

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