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An unrivaled collection of the industry tools you need to be successful

Secure Document Sharing

Effortlessly share sensitive documents between you and your clients through the secure portal.

One-Click Credit Report Connection

Connect client credit reports with a single click through IdentityIQ®.

Automated Buttons

Turn your tasks into a single button click. Choose from a pre-built set of tasks or create your own.

Dispute Reviews

Generate unique dispute letters and send them directly.


Secure Document Sharing

Help secure your business and your clients’ information. Safely exchange sensitive documents between you, your clients, and your partners. Easily share IDs, credit reports, financial statements, and other important records without fear of data leaks or security issues.

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One-Click Credit Report Connection

Securely import credit reports through a single click. This feature helps you automatically import items from your client’s credit report without inputting their private credentials, saving you time, reducing data entry efforts, and providing a full picture of your client’s credit profile.

Automated Dispute Buttons

Automate almost any task in Disco with custom activity buttons. Use ready-made sequences that help you manage dispute processes, or create custom sequences to tailor your workflow to your specific needs.

Generate Distinct Dispute Letters

Automatically generate unique dispute letters individually or in bulk and send them directly through Disco. Each dispute letter is made unique to prevent duplicate letters from being sent to credit bureaus. You can print and mail these letters or fax them directly through Disco to save significantly on costs and confirm the letter is received.

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